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Update: Technical RHEWUM app receives new name and new feature.

The last weeks were marked by the video production. The RHEWUM team has developed a motion picture concept that gives you a whole new insight into the company.

The RHEWUM testing facility gives the possibility to compare laboratory results with real production data.

Classification of iron / nickel slag

RHEWUM WA(U) screens enable significant contribution for the classification of Fe-Ni-Slag.

Perfect fitting machines for your needs

Close proximity between design and manufacturing.

Screening of Dry Mortar in Thailand

RHEWUM WA screening machine with patented drive concept.

Wet screening machines

Our wet screening machines: RIUS 1+1, ES, DFN, UG.

Repair Instructions on DVD

You can request the DVD at RHEWUM GmbH: spares@rhewum.de.

Vibrating head WA, RHEWUM, Remscheid

RHEWUM sieves for DAP

New screening machines for BAGFAS, EUROCHEM LIFOSA and MAROC PHOSPHORE.

New control for RHEWUM screening machines type WA

Our directly excited screening machines type RHEWUM WA will from now on be equipped with a new fully digital control.

UREA Granulation

You want to screen UREA in a large scale? We are offering the better solution.

Mobile RHEWUM Screens on duty

Our mobile screening machine RHEWUM WA (U) comes to you!

Benefit from our vast experience to find the utmost solution for processing your materials: RHEWUM screening machines.

For more than seven decades we are developing and producing different types of screening machines and vibrating conveyors.

As an independent enterprise we remain true to our principles. Only continuous further development of solution-compatible products will accomplish additional benefit for the client.

Due to our uncompromising quality demand we are updating the definition of common criteria. We are using the actual possibilities to realize everyday under long-term prospect the maximum of efficiency and maintainability of our screening machines. Thereby, the team of RHEWUM in Remscheid understand ourselves as a fair and reliable partner.

As an international company we know the requirements of different industrial sectors – to submit the best solution therefore is at the same time challenge and demand for us. At least this is the merit of our employees who adopt every project, every development, every solution and every machine as their own.

RHEWUM screening machines in Remscheid: Enjoy the Difference.

Sigurd Schuetz
Managing Director